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Potato Business

Our stated aim is to support the potato industry worldwide and through our mix of products ( Potato Processing International, Potato Storage International, the web portal, Potato Business Digital magazine and Potato Business weekly newsletter) we bring up-to-date potato related news as well as business and market analyses, case studies and provide the industry readership with all the necessary information guiding business decisions.

Potato Processing International

Potato Processing International magazine is the must-have information source for the equipment manufacturer, potato products processor, starch producer, potato storage manager and the processed potato product retailer alike. The magazine is published six times a year in English.

Potato Convention

Our Potato Convention brings together two key elements of the potato industry and the emphasis is on international business development. The aim is to provide attendees with a thought-provoking business-building agenda of presentations and a unique, conducive atmosphere to mix with industry colleagues from around the world.


Bakery & Biscuits

The portal together with the print magazines European Baker&Biscuit and Asia Pacific Baker&Biscuit, Worldbakers Digital magazine and Worldbakers weekly newsletter serve the worldwide bakery and biscuit industry with up-to-date industry news, expert market views and trends analyses.

European Baker & BiscuitEuropean Baker & Biscuit is essential reading for industrial and craft bakers in all countries and regions across Europe. The magazine is published six times a year in English. 

Asia Pacific Baker & BiscuitAsia Pacific Baker & Biscuit is the magazine for both industrial and craft bakers across the entire Asia Pacific region. The magazine is published four times a year in English.


Frozen Food

Frozen Food Europe is a complex communication platform addressing a multichannel audience: print magazine, the digital magazine, the weekly newsletter service and the website  It is one of the best information sources for: news, latest product trends, evolutions, market changes, events dedicated to professionals working within the frozen food industry.

Frozen Food Europe MagazineThe only pan-European magazine specialized in frozen food, connects you to a network of information that can really sell your products. Published six times a year in English.

www.frozenfoodeurope.comIs a communication platform for all frozen food professionals and presents relevant facts and trends, most probable forecasts, recent products and sales figures available, consumption habits, product innovations, events and fairs for all major European markets and sectors.


Retail & FMCG

The Romanian Retail and FMCG market is very dynamic and the Progresiv platform ensures a successful strategic communication campaign through print, online, events and direct marketing.

Progresiv Magazine

Progresiv is the leader of trade publications in Romania and provides broad coverage of the whole Romanian grocery retail and fmcg market. Published monthly in Romanian language it is the most appreciated trade magazine, both regarding utility and the quality of information.

Progresiv Events

Progresiv events offer excellent networking opportunities and access to the most recent trends and market studies: Progresiv Conference, Inspiro Conference, Trade Round Table and Progresiv Awards.

Retail Universe is an interactive web-based application that manages exhaustive information on International Key Accounts (IKA) and Local Key Accounts (LKA) active in Romania.



In a constantly changing world, the Romanian foodservice industry gets support from Trends HRB, the first dedicated multimedia platform: magazine, website, newsletter.  We are the promoter of concepts, ideas and trends and we communicate with people in hospitality, in a dynamic, interactive manner, adapted to reality.

Trends HRB

Trends HRB is the most experienced and reliable publication dedicated to the Romanian hospitality industry,  a source of information for managers, entrepreneurs and professionals in this field. Published in ten issues per year in Romanian language.

Hospitality Events

Trends HRB events meet professionals’ needs from the hospitality industry, presenting the latest trends in the field and bringing on stage speakers with international experience. They represent opportunities for networking, but also occasions to exchange ideas and find solutions to the current problems in hospitality.

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